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Spring 2022

"We need to focus on improving our image in Indiana. The time to be passive is gone. If we really want to change things, we need to get more Dems actively involved in the whole process. Things like visibly supporting our local businesses. Doing things to benefit our local citizens. Convincing people that their thoughts/ideas matter."   Tim Jenkins, Vice Chair

Community Transportation Service

Start date April 11, 2022


Not all of our citizens have access to transportation when needed. No one should have to miss doctor’s appointments, legal proceedings, etc. because they can’t drive or get a ride. Donation of $5 per ride suggested.


#DemsCare is not just a slogan.  We truly care about our neighbors. Our service is available to anyone, regardless of political or religious affiliation.




To get on the schedule, please read our policies, fill out the Waiver, and CALL or send an email to:

Transportation Service Manager 

(or mail to: LCD Rides PO Box 36, Bedford)

Lawrence Co Dems 2021 Christmas Party

Thanks for joining us!

Great to see everyone! Our GIFT EXCHANGE was fun - glad to see so many creative choices for "wrap it in a sock."

Christmas Gift Socks_edited.jpg
Community Transportation Servicre
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